Core Lumenance values

Respect our employee’s search for meaning in life.
We will succeed as a team.
Encourage a collaborative, productive work environment.
Our rewards equal our effort.
Strive for excellence.

We expect that our employees will not be principally defined by working for Lumenance, or any other company for that matter. Instead, we hope they will strive for their own personal meaning in life—be it family, community, faith, personal advancement. We believe doing so maximizes their chances for true contentment and happiness in life. From a human standpoint, we believe it is largely impossible for any company to play more than a supporting role in an employee’s life.

While we won’t be able to provide the primary meaning in our employee’s lives, we want to play a great “supporting role” for them. We do this by treating them professionally, with respect, and providing competitive compensation (which includes health, life, dental, vision, and disability insurance, paid holidays, and paid time off). We also strive to provide them with opportunities that further their own personal “engineering journey.” We realize that, given the nature of contingent placement and outsourcing, Lumenance may be a brief stop on a team member’s journey. For some, we may be more. Regardless, we strive to match our employees with opportunities that will, in some manner, get them where they want to go professionally.

Lumenance is not the first, and hopefully not the last, company to think this way. In her article for Inc., Elle Kaplan speaks of the trend in conscious capitalism and social entrepreneurship and its relationship to the battle for top talent. And in engineering contingent placement and outsourcing, it is all about the talent. Creating an environment that supports our team members strive for unique purpose also leads to a more content, happier employee. This directly impacts Lumenance’s ability to provide great engineering support to our clients. It’s funny how that works. Doing the right thing leads to the best outcome for all involved.

Teamwork. It’s not a new business concept. In fact, we assume most companies include teamwork in their core values, mission statements, and advertising campaigns. But despite all the hype teamwork is a rare commodity in the corporate world.

As a contingent placement and outsourcing company, we have two teams to consider. First, we have our own team. What we do must benefit Lumenance as a company and the individuals that make up the team. Second, we must consider our customers. Many of our employees work at our customers’ locations. All other employees are directly working on customer projects. By doing what is best for our customers and for our team, we build Lumenance’s reputation, which benefits all of us.

We believe we will succeed as a team because we see it every day. By contributing our gifts and talents, we help our team. This responsibility falls on every employee. There’s an old saying that a team is only as good as its weakest link. We look for individuals who are eager to contribute to the team so that we can succeed together.

How does this affect our other core values? To succeed as a team, we need to respect our teammates and what they value. Teamwork plays strongly into collaboration and production. And if our entire team remembers our fourth and fifth values, we will achieve excellence.

Someone explained teamwork using a foxhole analogy. He had worked on some teams where he didn’t know whom he could count on, and that led to problems. “In a good team, you need to know when the leader gives the call that everyone will charge forward together. You shouldn’t be afraid that people will sit back in their foxhole and watch. If they aren’t sticking by you, they may even shoot you in the back. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be afraid of your coworkers.”

At Lumenance, we create an environment where we communicate with one another and work as a cohesive team, both for us and our customers. When you work with us you will notice the Lumenance difference.

As a product engineering company, Lumenance is well aware of the absolute necessity of a collaborative and productive work environment.  Our engineers are on the customer’s front line every day, whether they are working onsite or in our nearshore office.  We are all keenly aware of the role we play in making projects successful.  In the engineering product design world, there is very little room for employees who don’t understand the upstream and downstream flow of information and the value of collaboration.

Success derives from effective communication.  In practice, this means that an engineer working on a wiring harness is responsible for understanding the requirements laid out by the conceptual team.  If something is not clear in specifications, our engineers know how to provide the necessary information upstream in order to achieve the desired project results. Likewise, it is vital that our engineers understand the downstream process flow as it leads to production.  If this sounds obvious, it should be.  But there are numerous occasions where this kind of team approach hasn’t been followed with disastrous results.  In the Lumenance world a productive work environment is one where collaboration flourishes.

This value works well at an individual, team and company level.  Without the best efforts by the individual, the whole system suffers, including the client.  If the team isn’t coherent, individual effort is diminished and undervalued.  At the company level the same is true.  It is necessary that management provide the tools and structure to allow the team to excel.  Clearly defined expectations are key in making Lumenance a preferred supplier.  Finally, free and open communication is the grease that makes the whole wheel keep spinning.

There are no prima donnas at Lumenance.  There is only a shared vision of providing value to the client.  This starts at the individual level.  In our talent acquisition process, we fully vet prospective engineers to ensure we hire and deploy the best talent with a history of accomplishment.  There is no sense of entitlement here; hard work and real contribution is what we measure.  We constantly evaluate the outcomes attained at the individual level.  We create incentives for hard work through new assignments and opportunities.  This is one reason why so many of our contingent engineers are hired full-time by our clients.

And our team members respond!  We constantly hear that our engineers are self-motivated and highly qualified.  Lumenance employees achieve excellent individual performance scores from the most demanding of clients.  This is where our values create a virtuous cycle – respect for employees leads to productive communication and collaboration.  And the true commitment to our values demonstrated by management leads to high levels of personal responsibility and accountability.

Excellence is not an accident.  Nor is it about last minute heroic efforts to save a failed process.  Excellence is a journey.  One that requires a method, planning and execution.  As engineers, we are focused totally on the key elements that ensure excellence.  All our corporate values are aligned to make sure that excellence is repeatable.  What does this mean for our customers?  Simply put, partnering with Lumenance is a safe bet for OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies.  We treat all projects with the same attention to detail and commitment.  The Lumenance focus is on business results.  We constantly look for the path to make a real and quantifiable difference in your bottom line.  More than providing the engineering talent needed to succeed, Lumenance will work with you to identify significant opportunities to improve processes and integrate our service model to your business plan.

Excellence for Lumenance is achieved by a consistent application of our core values in everything we do.  This is achieved at every level: the individual, team and company level.  Our goal is to be the leading provider of engineering product design support in the industry.  When you need help in reaching your market goals remember that Lumenance is prepared with the knowledge, experience and commitment to excellence you expect in a valued partner.

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