Management by Values #2

Our Core Values: We will succeed as a team

Being part of the same company doesn’t mean you’re automatically on the same team. You must decide to work cooperatively with your coworkers. At Lumenance, we abide by this core value because we know we will succeed as a team.

  1. Respect that everyone is searching for meaning in life
  2. We will succeed as a team
  3. Encourage a collaborative, productive work environment
  4. You have to give to get
  5. Strive for excellence

You can read more about our first core value, respect that everyone is searching for meaning in life, a value we think separates us from other companies. Today, we focus on our second core value.

Dissecting this Core Value

Teamwork. It’s not unique to value teamwork. In fact, we assume most companies would include teamwork in their core values, mission statements, and advertising campaigns. That does not diminish how essential teamwork is, though.

As a staffing and outsourcing company, we have two teams to consider. First, we have our own team. What we do must benefit Lumenance as a company and the individuals that make up the team. Second, we must consider our customers. Most of our employees work at our customers’ locations. When they look to their left and their right, they are surrounded by our customers’ staff. But we must look out for the best interests of these individuals and our customer as a whole. By doing what is best for our customers, we build Lumenance’s reputation, which will benefit all of us.

We believe we will succeed as a team because we see it every day. By contributing our gifts and talents, we help our team. This responsibility falls on every employee. There’s an old saying that a team is only as good as its weakest link. We look for individuals who are eager to contribute to the team so that we can succeed together.

How does this affect our other core values? To succeed as a team, we need to respect our teammates and what they value. Teamwork plays strongly into collaboration and production. And if our entire team remembers our fourth and fifth values, we will achieve excellence.

Foxhole Analogy

Someone explained teamwork like this. He had worked on some teams where he didn’t know whom he could count on, and that led to problems. “In a good team, you need to know when the leader gives the call that everyone will charge forward together. You shouldn’t be afraid that people will sit back in their foxhole and watch. If they aren’t sticking by you, they may even shoot you in the back. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be afraid of your coworkers.”

At Lumenance, we create an environment where we communicate with one another and work as a cohesive team, both for us and our customers. If you work with us, we think you will notice the Lumenance difference.

Published 4/3/17. Written by Grant Francis. Based on an interview with Ted Messerly.


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