You don’t go to a dentist for brain surgery.

Well, it’s not advisable. But it is advisable to go to an engineering company when you’re looking for talented engineers. And that’s who we are. Talented engineers dedicated to solving your engineering support problems through staffing and outsourcing.


We didn’t like what we saw in the staffing and outsourcing industry.

So we re-engineered it—what else would we have done? As former contract engineers, we saw companies suffer both headache and heartbreak. But now, all of that is over. We recruit the talent, conduct the interviews, make certain productivity levels are adhered to, manage the contingent workforce, and make sure our talent is aligned with your goals.



1. Understand

Develop customer engineering support requirements

2. Plan

Determine the best engineering service model – contract staffing, outsourcing, or hybrid

3. Source Talent

We assemble engineering talent – meticulously screening new team members E2E (Engineer to Engineer)

4. Talent

We develop easy-to-understand, standard Talent Profiles to allow client to quickly review and approve engineering talent

5. Engagement

Our talent delivers the engineering solution – be it contract staffing, outsourcing, or hybrid

6. On-going

We provide team members with professional engineering and human resource support

7. Continuous Improvement

We work with our clients to identify and implement improvements to the process