First-in-class engineering outcomes powered by custom product development services to resolve your outsourcing and contingent labor dilemmas.


Why work with offshore Asia-based support providers when all the talent you need is already located in the NAFTA region?

Contingent Engineers

Only Lumenance can meet your medium- and long-term staffing needs with a responsive and efficient system, designed and managed by engineers.

Product Development

Lumenance drives a higher level of performance by combining our services with custom, results-driven product development services.


When we listened to our customers, it was apparent that standard approaches to engineering support are not working. Contingent labor can be expensive, and highly qualified engineers are difficult to identify and onboard for medium- and long-term projects. For many years, leading companies turned to Asian outsourcing firms to extend their engineering capabilities. But this approach is quickly falling out of favor due to universally acknowledged handicaps.

  • Flexible: We combine the collaborative and transactional approaches, bringing the best value to our customers from our U.S. and Mexico based operations.

  • Variable: Lumenance combines contingent staffing, nearshore outsourcing, and U.S.-based product development services to enable a 360-degree approach that proactively and seamlessly meets your challenging and constantly evolving design engineering needs.

Find out why our approach is unique.

At Lumenance, our business mission is to be the best engineering staffing and outsourcing service we can be while sincerely respecting the most valuable part of our business: our people. By doing so, we hope that we can both deliver superior service to our customers and act as a great “supporting role” in the lives of our employees.

What we do

Lumenance offers a unique approach to engineering support which we call Flexshoring. It combines engineering staffing, nearshore outsourcing and U.S. – based product development services. Most product development projects today span several years and must be continually re-calibrated. We specialize in the design engineering of electromechanical, body and interior design, embedded systems, infotainment and many other areas across a range of industries.

We understand that each industry, customer and project has different needs and goals. While our service offering is quite broad, we have the focus to work with you in developing a unique project plan to achieve specific business results. Check out all Lumenance has to offer

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Lumenance introduces Flexshoring

Flexible and Variable Support

To date, there have been two main sources for engineering support for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers: contingent labor and offshore outsourcing. Neither approach delivers the results that are required in today’s business environment where “First to Market” is the ultimate need.


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